Stolen Moments Centre & Parisian Waxing

Crystal-Free Microdermabrasions and Facials

Here are the facial packages that we provide.

It's beyond microdermabrasion. This patented technology gently exfoliates, circulates, and hydrates the skin with no discomfort, redness, or streaking. At Stolen Moments Centre, we pride ourselves in using the most natural form of products and procedures; our microdermabrasion is just that. No harsh crystals or chemicals are used. You will not have the discomfort, redness, or streaking as with traditional procedures. But, you will most definitely get the same wonderful results. This is very beneficial for rosacea, and teen and adult acne due to the gentleness of the exfoliation and being able to penetrate serums into the skin.

  • 60 minutes $159.00 face.
  • 60 minutes $179.00 face and chest or back.
  • 90 minutes $189.00 face and decollete. Includes extractions and eye treatment.

Treatment packages available on request.

The "lunch time peel." Return to work with no streaking or redness. In just 30 minutes, take care of tired, dehydrated, or oily skin. Works wonders for fine lines.

  • 45 minutes face $139.00.
  • 45 minutes back $159.00.

Treatment packages available on request.

60 minute anti-aging or corrective treatment. No gadgets! Just the pure botanical line called “Moments” by Carol Leigh. No dyes, parabens, or perfumes. Leave the spa feeling refreshed and hydrated.

  • 60 minutes $119.00 face.
  • 60 minutes $149.00 back.
  • 60 minutes $99.00 teen facial (ages 12 - 17).
  • 90 minutes $149.00 face and decollete. Includes extractions and eye treatment.

30 minute massage of utter bliss, followed by a 60 minute facial, all in the same room.

  • 149.00.
  • Upgrade your 30 minute massage to a 60 minute massage for an extra $25.00.

For more facials and massages, check out our Specialties page.

A few words about Kinga,…

Kinga Kepa, LE, is a licensed esthetician specializing in corrective/relaxation facials and relaxation massage. She is also an expert in the refined manner of French hard waxing. We use the state-of-the-art French hard wax exclusively at Stolen Moments. This wax adheres as a kind of shrink-wrap around the hair and not to your skin, as with traditional soft waxing techniques. This wax also minimizes some of the discomfort, redness, and bumps that you get with traditional waxing.

A few words about Nicole,…

Nicole Rincker, LE, LMT, who holds dual licenses in esthetics and massage therapy. Her specialties are Access Bars massages and energy massages along with Swedish, prenatal, and therapeutic massages.